Syllable Sliding 3 is OUT NOW!

Anilyst ALBUM COVER The brand new full length album,
Syllable Sliding 3, is now available
on iTunes!

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After the release of Anilyst’s latest
album, Syllable Sliding 3, he’s already
back at it with new music!

Check out his single “Meshup” where
he literally meshes up two insane
tracks in one!

Stream it now on Youtube by
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Endless Bars, Metaphors, Wordplay,
Delivery, the ‘LYST’ goes on and on
with this banger!

Listen to “Patience” now by clicking
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“Done As Much” is the first single off
Anilyst’s latest album, Syllable Sliding 3,
now available directly on iTunes!


Download Syllable Sliding Vol. 2 now
directly off of iTunes!

1. Ruckus
2. Game Looking
3. To the a.M.
4. It’s Crazy
5. Those Who Know
6. Voice Memo 1 (Interlude)
7. Random Verse
8. Motives
9. Knock That Down
10. Voice Memo 2 (Interlude)
11. 111
12. Chills
13. Struggle
14. Penning Spree (feat. Cerebral)
15. Catch Up
16. Cognac & Models [Cnm]
17. EssEssTew
18. Does Us
19. Do It Like
20. Voice Memo 3 (Interlude)
21. These Words


Free Download Syllable Sliding Vol. 1
or click a track below to download it.

1. Forgot About Dre Verse
2. About It
3. Winners
4. No Mercy
5. Ambition Remix
6. Wildfire Remix
7. Try it (Riot Remix)
8. Triple Threat
9. HYFR Remix
10. Chunk Up The Deuce
11. Grown Simba Remix
12. Megaman Verse
13. Clique Remix
14. Snapbacks Tattoos Remix
15. Backseat Freestyle Remix




When you spit 40 bars of continuous flames, it’s guaranteed to cause some serious Ruckus! Anilyst does it yet again with this bass pounding lyrical masterpiece.

It’s now available worldwide on iTunes! Click on the right hand side to stream

Anilyst-Those Who Know

Those Who Know

This track has the perfect balance between a radio friendly club banger mixed with an underground lyrical flow. Satisfying the listeners thirst for creative content, this hit is guaranteed to get your head bobbing!

It’s now available worldwide on iTunes! Click on the right hand side to stream